Kelvin Burgoyne | Lancashire Artist

Lancashire Art | Oils | Watercolours

One of the best Lancashire artists Kelvin Burgoyne creates art that is both reminiscent of his surroundings and imagination.  Kelvin’s creativity is reflected in his art, both through the joyful colours and subjects brought to life on canvas.  From Lancashire art to contemporary and historical pieces, Kelvin’s artwork will bring you joy and thoughtful presence to any surrounding and to those that wish to own a truly imaginative and individual piece of art.

Kelvin has exhibited work with the British Watercolour Society as well as being part of Channel 4’s ‘Watercolour Challenge‘.  Kelvin has featured on radio and shown at the NEC as well as within many galleries across the UK.

Kelvin has created many wonderful and exciting pieces of art, and although a Lancashire artist at heart, he has used his talent of working with shapes and colours to bring to canvas a vast range of paintings, in various mediums.  From rolling hills to the Stations of the Cross, Kelvin’s art has sold around the country and enjoyed by many.