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Kelvin Burgoyne

Kelvin Burgoyne
As a young boy I would lie on my stomach, on the bed and gaze into my highly polished wooden headboard, which would suck me in like a vortex and deposit me in a world of imaginings. I soon realised that most other people did not see things as I did and little has changed. My head, even today, is full of imaginings and creations, leading to sleepless nights when my closed eyes will not stop painting or inventing

Imagination a curse or a blessing?

I am often asked about the black sky and reply that its only a very deep shade of blue, so deep in fact that when I first produced this work, I used Blue paint mixed with Indian Ink.

There is no such colour as black, indeed for something to appear that way all light would have to be removed, then how would you see anything at all. Once light, however small, enters, then the colour appears in the vision but only if you really look.

The English countryside is full of colour but it is exaggerated when exposed to flashes of light appearing behind the overcast cloud. The yellow corn becomes golden, the green fields take on a vividness, the muddy ploughed field almost orange and the farmyard walls a spotless white.

Early retirement from the civil service, allowed me the opportunity to paint all day and following a TV appearance on Channel 4’s, “Watercolour Challenge”, I staged a solo exhibition, some 30 odd paintings, with great success, this, in turn, gave me the confidence to exhibit with the BWS (British Watercolour Society). Six works were put on show and all sold within 24 hours, after which the sales just grew and grew. 

I have been published and have been extremely successful with limited edition prints. Created a show at the N.E.C., appeared on TV and Radio, held many clinics and staged one-man shows. I have several collectors throughout the UK and until my retirement, fronted my own company Burgoyne Art Limited.

I have a constant need to demonstrate and investigate the possibilities of extreme colour, although it’s vital to construct something that is recognisable, it is paramount that the impression for the viewer is one of discovery and joy. The colour in the landscape highlighted by the odd break in an almost black sky is the vision, gives my work boldness and originality. The conception of my work titled “High Summer Storm over….”, was conceived in 1995 and forms the basis for almost all my paintings.
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