The Advent and the Lancashire Artist

I love this time of year, Halloween, Guy Fawkes and my birthday.  The colours on the trees in the Ribble Valley make it so attractive to the Lancashire artist.

I am a committed Christian and gave a watercolour to the Church at Easter,  this was so inspirational not only to the congregation but also the school children. The impact my representation of Christ had has encouraged me to consider similar efforts.

This year, with Christmas approaching, I decided to paint something for my church on Advent, beginning on the 2nd of December, a depiction that would be adventurous and thought provoking, something I like to attach to all my work. I resolved to portray the three shepherds, not traditionally eastern but with a touch of Lancashire Art and hill workers.

I played about with subjects that I had drawn until I reached a balanced view. It was important to me that my three subjects wore traditional cloth caps and the inclusion of lambs meant no ambiguity, this was challenging as I have no experience of painting them but the message would be lost without the them.

I started early because a) I was painting in oil and it’s still something of a mystery and b) drying time, because it’s on board I am still undecided about a frame. After completing the composition a tonal rendering in acrylic was applied, I use this paint because it dries so quickly. As the work developed I realised my inexperience in oil meant that I started in the wrong place and for several reasons the background should be setting the painting and that by leaving this to the latter stages I had created difficulties around the figures.

I hope the finished work pleases everyone and that this season lifts and excites all of you as it does this Lancashire Artist.

Its titled, Advent – the Gift

I would love to read your comments